• Can you work with our existing 3D models ?

    Yes, we can use your 3D models in most available formats such as .obj or .fbx and optimise them to use in our real time VR workflow.

  • What technology do you use ?

    We use real time video game engines, programme and design our custom tools and UI for interactivity.

  • How do you charge ?

    We charge according to the complexity of objects (modelling) level of interactivity (programming) and optional formats such as mobile 360 videos, live editor, cinematic walkthrough...

  • What’s a VR proof of concept ?

    It’s a smaller scale VR experience made to demonstrate the potential and or a specific use case for VR within your industry.

  • Do I really need a VR Room ?

    f you really want to have the best VR experience, integrate VR in your company’s creative process, and become the coolest amongst your friends and colleagues, yes, you do.

  • Do you do VR for mobile ?

    All of the content we create can be turned into a mobile Stereoscopic 360 video up to 8K in resolution, allowing the user to look around freely in a high definition immersive environment and easy to share via a simple Youtube link.

  • What do I need to use my VR project once you’ve completed it ?

    we are providing you with a VR ready PC, with the right configuration and specs, with our software preinstalled. Plug and Teleport.

  • Can I make screenshots of the VR projects ?

    Of course, we include a screenshot generator with the project final delivery, allowing you to generate infinity screenshots in seconds, up to 8K in resolution. However you want and whenever you want.

  • Do you do Virtual Reality Films / Documentaries ?

    We do not do reality-based video content. we focus on interactivity and creating worlds or spaces that either don’t exist yet or never will. All of our work is made in 3D using the most advanced technology available today.

  • How can VR change my industry ?

    Let’s find out